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Our story

Frugess offers cashmere products from Nepal, Mongolia and Inner Mongolia (China).

Cashmere – fiber, that comes from undercoat of wild mountain goats. To obtain the down, wild goats have to be picked by hand. Cashmere fibers can only be picked from the chest and abdomen of the goats. Cashmere products have a unique quality of being extremely warm and at the same time, very light and delicate.

“Royal Yarn” – is what cashmere is referred to as. And it’s for a good reason. The yarn of pure cashmere is very expensive. It is due to the fact that a yarn with such stunning features can only be found on these wild goats that do not allow to be tamed. Habitats of wild mountain goats are found in the mountains of Nepal, Mongolia and China. All attempts to breed them elsewhere brought no success; the fiber became stiff, losing its lightness.

We select our suppliers carefully and are especially proud of our handmade products from Nepal.

All of our products are made exclusively from highest quality of cashmere.

We hope you enjoy our products!